Janis Joplin’s FBI File

The images below are from Janis Joplin’s FBI file (available from the FBI “vault” here). Apparently a confidential informant back in the day “tipped off” an FBI agent that a major 3-day festival had recently occurred at Woodstock…

God only knows how Woodstock still poses such a threat to national security that after 40 years they still have to black out a majority of the memo. But out the portion that hasn’t been redacted, we get a nice tidbit of dry bureaucratic humor: “the main entertainment (if that is the correct word)…”:


If You Need Help Naming Your Band

Seven Band Names That Would Be Impossible to Book:


Klosterman on Late Zeppelin

Words cannot describe how much I love this article by Chuck Klosterman on late-era Zeppelin:


Music Matters Campaign

If I’m understanding this video correctly, something about this dude’s early childhood loneliness, mid-life divorce, and subsequent bearded sexual encounters are supposed to make me want to stop downloading music illegally:


Holy Hashish!

To my astonishment, after years of hard work my book is finally done, out there, alive…..I’ve started this blog to celebrate the publication of my novel, U.S. Blues (available in paperback here, and as an ebook here and here).  It’s a mystery set in the 1985 Grateful Dead parking lot scene.

Right now I feel as stoked as the guy dancing behind Jerry’s head in this video: