Top-Selling Games For The Ennuii

  • The Legend Of Sartre
  • OK, Great. Let’s Drive Around In Circles For Hours In Mario’s Kart
  • Guitar Hero: The Heroin Years
  • LEGO Requiem For A Dream
  • Ennuii Sports: Sure, Must’ve Been Fun To Have Been A Jock In High School And Gotten All The Attention Simply Because You Were Blessed With An Athletic Body
  • Mario Party 9: Time To Break Out The Social Anxiety Meds
  • Spongebob Kafkapants
  • Call Of Duty: Strangely, The Bathroom Is The Only Place I Don’t Feel Depressed Anymore
  • Donkey Kong Country (Yet Another Country In Which My Vote Is Completely Meaningless)
  • Some Days I Just Don’t See The Point In Winning At All

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