Yet Another Way the Internet is Ruining Our Lives

Let me ask you a question: where is Tom Petty from? Before you jump over to wikipedia to answer, watch this:—google-in-your-pocket


Parliament Funkadelic + Interpol = ?


Record Store Day

In honor of Record Store Day, a passage from the best book ever written about a record store (High Fidelity, of course):

My shop is called Championship Vinyl. I sell punk, blues, soul, and R&B, a bit of ska, some indie stuff, some sixties pop – everything for the serious record collector, as the ironically old-fashioned writing in the window says. We’re in a quiet street in Holloway, carefully placed to attract the bare minimum of window-shoppers; there’s no reason to come here at all, unless you live here, and the people that live here don’t seem terribly interested in my Stiff Little Fingers white label (twenty-five quid to you-I paid seventeen for it in 1986) or my mono copy of Blonde on Blonde.

I get by because of the people who make a special effort to shop here Saturdays-young men, always young men, with John Lennon specs and leather jackets and armfuls of square carrier bags-and because of the mail order: I advertise in the back of the glossy rock magazines, and get letters from young men, always young men, in Manchester and Glasgow and Ottowa, young men who seem to spend a disproportionate amount of their time looking for deleted Smiths singles and “ORIGINAL NOT RERELEASED” underlined Frank Zappa albums. They’re as close to being mad as makes no difference…

The shop smells of stale smoke, damp, and plastic dustcovers, and it’s narrow and dingy and dirty and overcrowded, partly because that’s what I wanted – this is what record shops should look like, and only Phil Collins’s fans bother with those that look as clean and wholesome as a suburban Habitat – and partly because I can’t get it together to clean or redecorate it. There are browser racks on each side, and a couple more in the window, and CDs and cassettes on the walls in glass cases, and that’s more or less the size of it; it’s just about big enough, provided we don’t get any customers, so most days it’s just about big enough. The stockroom at the back is bigger than the shop part in the front, but we have no stock, really, just a few piles of secondhand records that nobody can be bothered to price up, so the stockroom is mostly for messing about in. I’m sick of the sight of the place, to be honest. Some days I’m afraid I’ll go berserk, rip the Elvis Costello mobile clown from the ceiling, throw the “Country Artists (Male) A- K” rack out into the street, go off to work in a Virgin Megastore, and never come back.

The True Meaning of 420

Like most other holidays, this one has fallen victim to commercial exploitation by avaricious hucksters and nefarious capitalists. Thankfully, here’s an old huffington post article explaining the true meaning behind 420:

Remember, 420 is not a time or a season but a state of mind. To cherish peace and good will, to be plenteous in mind-blowingly awesome weed, is to have the real spirit of 420

“Every now and then, he’d take that spaceman statue they give you when you win an award on MTV and smash up the mirrors with it.”

Confused about Axl Rose’s reaons for not showing up at the Hall of Fame on Saturday night? Perhaps this extended profile of Axl from 2006 will help. It was published in GQ, written by John Jeremiah Sullivan (who the nytimes recently called “a demonically talented” writer), and attempts to delve deep into Axl’s psyche:

L.A. in the 80’s

Great NPR segment yesterday featuring Flea and Steve Adler on the L.A. rock scene in the 80’s:

The Hall of Bitterness

This weekend will mark the 27th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Reportedly there’s been some acrimony between Axl Rose and his former bandmates about their induction. But once again, as with everything Guns N’ Roses does, the mighty Zep has been there before and done it better. Nothing can beat John Paul Jones’s sly “thank-you-for-remembering-my-phone-number” speech during Zeppelin’s induction for turning the Hall of Fame into the Hall of Fuming Hatred (Jonesy was mad that he wasn’t invited along to the lucrative Page/Plant tours of the 90’s, about which he had previously said “at least they could’ve called me and told me about it.”):