Red Rocks, 30 Years Later: Dead ’82 vs Furthur ‘12

Last night Furthur played the last show of a three night run at Red Rocks. 30 years ago, the Grateful Dead also played a three show run at Red Rocks. Here’s a comparison of the setlists:

Random notes:

  • Both bands encored their first night with U.S. Blues.
  • Unlike Furthur, the Dead did not play Dear Mr. Fantasy at Red Rocks in 1982, but they did choose Red Rocks as the venue to debut it two years later (during another three night run in 1984).
  • Surprisingly, the Dead did not play Scarlet – Fire on their three day run in ‘82 (but they did play it on their ‘78, ‘83, ‘84 and ‘85 runs).
  • Furthur delivered something many heads wished they saw back in the day: Dark Star at Red Rocks (The Dead never played it at what many thought would be the perfect venue for it)
  • Both bands played Shakedown Street, which seems appropriate: Shakedown Street was debuted at Red Rocks on 8/31/78 (the first Dead Red Rocks show).
  • On the last night of Furthur’s run, the first letter of the first 13 songs spelled out “Steal Your Face” (Samson & Delilah, Tennessee Jed, Easy Wind, Alabama Getaway, Loose Lucy, You Win Again, Operator, Uncle John’s Band, Reuben & Cherise > Feel Like A Stranger, Alligator > Cumberland Blues, Eyes of the World)
  • On the lat night of the Dead’s run, the first letter of the first 13 songs spelled out “Nfclftlmcscid”