Scarlet sans Fire, and Fire free of Scarlet

As I wrote yesterday, on March 18, 1977 (36 years ago to the day),’Scarlet Begonias’ and ‘Fire on the Mountain‘ were played together for the first time ever. After their initial coupling they were played together a total of 254 times, and the song combo wormed its way into every good Head’s subconscious.

What interests me now, however, is the relatively rare occasions after the initial coupling on which Scarlet was played alone, or Fire was played alone.

Prior to their coupling, Scarlet was of course played by itself a lot (48 times to be exact), but I’m on focusing on the odd post-coupling singularities. Here’s a list of all the solo Scarlets post-3/18/77 (26 in all):

Date of Show

The Situation


A couple days after the initial coupling, Scarlet appears by itself again for a brief moment, tucked away at the end of the first set


At the Palladium in NYC, the boys decide to throw NYC a curveball, and go from Scarlet into ‘Going Down the Road Feeling Bad’


After faking a Fire transition, Jerry decides to go into an alternate “Mutron” special: ‘Dancing in the Streets’


It’s been 6 years since the last time Scarlet hasn’t lead into Fire, but tonight Jerry decides to go into ‘Touch of Grey’


Again into Touch


This is becoming a habit – again into Touch


After faithfully going back into Fire for the rest of 84 (well actually, there were a couple Scarlet->Touch->Fire sandwiches in late 84, but at least they end up back at Fire’s house, if you know what I mean), in this early 85 show, they decide to go from Scarlet into ‘Hell in a Bucket’


Whoa, Scarlet into Eyes


Scarlet -> Touch


Scarlet -> Touch


Scarlet -> Touch


Bob Dylan’s presence threw them off, and they went from Bucket into Scarlet


At MSG, now Touch into Scarlet


Scarlet -> Bucket


Scarlet into Samson and Delilah


At treat for Worcesterers: Sugar Mag -> Scarlet -> Estimated, at the Centrum


Scarlet -> I will Take You Home (Ironic, because Fire would like you to come home)


Bucket>Scarlet->Looks Like Rain




Sugar Mag -> Scarlet -> Women Are Smarter


Bucket -> Scarlet -> Women Are Smarter


In one of the true gems of a late 80’s show: Scarlet->Truckin’


Scarlet -> Sugar Mag


Scarlet -> Estimated


Estimated->Scarlet->Crazy Fingers


Sugar Mag -> Scarlet -> Women Are Smarter

The less independent of the two, Fire only came out on it’s own a total of 12 times:

Date of Show

The Situation

9/16/78 Egypt messes with the Boys’ heads, and for the first time they play Fire with no Scarlet. Officially it’s Ollin Arrageed -> Fire
11/24/78 Back in the States, but with a guest musician from Egypt, the boys do Shakedown -> Drums -> Ollin Arrageed -> Fire
10/31/80 Trick or Treat! Al Franken freaks everyone out, the boys do Franklins->Drums-> Fire, which appears on Dead Set
7/13/85 A rare weekend evening alone: One More Saturday Night -> Fire
6/22/86 At the Greek, treating the faithful: the second set opens with Fire and goes into Samson and Delilah
7/4/86 Happy Bday America! Cold Rain & Snow -> Fire -> Samson and Delilah
9/8/87 Bucket -> Fire
9/24/87 Bucket -> Fire -> Drums
5/27/89 Bucket -> Fire
9/20/91 Whoa! Help->Slip->Fire
5/27/93 Please spare me: Picasso Moon -> Fire -> Wave to the Wind
7/3/94 The last time Scarlet and Fire were separated: Eyes -> Fire

And for those of you who just can’t bear to think of this magical couple being separated, here’s one very deadicated website’s list of top ten Scarlet->Fires:

One Response to Scarlet sans Fire, and Fire free of Scarlet

  1. Sam Begler says:

    last STAND ALONE Scarlet (WITHOUT FIRE)? I believe it was 2-27-1977 Robertson Gymnasium at UCSB. Am I correct? That was a an awesome evening and a great follow up to the previous night. 2nd row at Rob Gym (GA with folding chairs), front row at the Swing the night before!

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