Ed & Lerry’s Grateful Dead Tour Journal: 11/9/73

November 9, 1973
Venue:Winterland Arena
Show Details

Ed: So stoked to be on tour! Solid show. Half-Step and China/Rider were the highlights for me. Respectable start to tour, but not spectacular: slightly disappointing second set centered around Weather Report Suite. Question: do we get to skip songs that we’ve heard a million times before and have no interest in listening to again (i.e., Bobby’s rockers), or do we have to listen to everything?

Lerry: Agree on show. Solid but not spectacular… I think if someone of Betty Cantor’s stature skipped the occasional Bobby rocker (note how the old soundboards often have an aud patch for the Bobby songs she skipped), then it’s all right if we do, too. In honor of Betty, I skipped the race is on, around and around and Johnny b good

Next show: 11/10/73 Grateful Dead

(the deal)


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