Ed & Lerry’s Grateful Dead Tour Journal: 11/11/73

November 11, 1973
Venue:Winterland Arena
Show Details

Lerry: Very solid set all around.  Dark Star is great, but is NOT top tier. Of course, in the past I’ve been accused of being “too refined”, as per Dick Latvala’s accusation about Phil Lesh here:


So maybe I’m just being too refined again here about Dark Star, but in my opinion the best show of this Winterland run was last night.

Ed: Agree with thoughts on show. Solid but not top tier. Couple random thoughts:

  • The Bobby McGee reminded me why I really dig the dead version of Bobby McGee
  • interesting slow tempo version of loose Lucy although I’ll never be able to get past the lame lyrics,
  • Second set was awesome but of course not nearly as awesome as some of the second sets that come later in this tour
  • Dick Latvala’s thoughts about this show are interesting: in his notes about 12-2-73 (http://www.dicklatvala.com/notebooks/pages/731202notes.jpg), he references this show: “the 11-11-73 Winterland show might be in the same class since my mind was blown by that show, which is the last one that all of us saw together” – But he later appears to change his mind and days, “11/11/73: Performance is spunky, but there were lots of wrong chords/notes and no outstanding moments (other than the Mind Left Body jam, which was only a couple of minutes long) – not close to my memory of it.” (from http://deadessays.blogspot.com/2011/02/dick-latvala.html)
  • One question about the Dick quote above: who is “all of us”?

Next show: 11/14/73 Grateful Dead

Previous show: 11/10/73 Grateful Dead

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