Ed & Lerry’s Grateful Dead Tour Journal: 11/14/73

November 14, 1973
Venue:San Diego Sports Arena
Show Details

Ed: First set, always psyched to see a Cumberland Blues, not best ever, but still good… Second set is tremendous, contains a Truckin->other one-> etc jam, but reveals a philosophical problem for me: even though its totally tremendous, it’s not as tremendous as what I remember the similar Truckin->other one-> etc jam from Dicks Pick 1 being, which is December 19, 1973. Is it possible to listen to these November 73 shows with open mind/clean ears knowing that just around the corner are the utterly rad December shows? It’s an epistemological brain-fry. Couple of other random notes about the second set: I was legitimately psyched that bobby dropped a Big River in the middle of second set insanity… At the end of wharf rat, I was also legitimately psyched to hear the hints of the alien space bass dew drops to come on 12-6 dark star.

Lerry: The first set is TIGHT, filled with short, punchy jams. (16 songs total, which seemed about 3 or 4 more than normal.)  Agree 100% about cumberland.  Another high point for me was actually Here Comes Sunshine.  It is not my favorite tune at all (not even close… in fact, I think it is subpar Jerry/Hunter in general), and this version was a little sloppy, BUT 1) it was a good launching board for some solid Jerry solos… nothing too spacey, but just a nice long fluid solo and 2) since the song was only played between Feb 73 and Feb 74 (not counting 92 and on), it never got overplayed (at least to what I have listened to) so it was a bit refreshing.  The only drawback for me was Race is On followed by Beat It two songs later.  Too much Rock and Roll Bobby for one set for me.  I had to ask myself WWBD (betty). The rest was solid. Really solid.

Regarding set 2, the big jam is great. Really great.  I would probably not give it a steal your face award, basically because it is missing that X factor that makes some of the long jams so amazing, but it is really, really, really solid. I like the weird, trippy part about 10 minutes into the first stretch of the Other One.  PLUS, the Big River addition was nice

(Side note re: cowboy songs → When the mood is right for a cowboy song in a big jam, I love it.  When the mood is not right for a cowboy jam, it throws me off.)

Great transitions here too in the jam.  I also love that they played the Other One theme 3 times. Like, it was the glue that held the whole jam together.  Another thing that I noticed… listen to how tight Me and My Uncle is at the end of Set 2. I’m used to it being played early in set 1 and sometime you can tell the band is getting their sea legs still.

Next show: 11/17/73 Grateful Dead

Previous show: 11/11/73 Grateful Dead

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