Ed & Lerry’s Grateful Dead Tour Journal: 11/17/73

November 17, 1973
Venue:Pauley Pavilion
Show Details
(Only half a Stealie for Ed. Lerry, i.e. “Mr. Refined”, had an issue with two notes and thus is not giving it the award.)

Ed: First set: here comes sunshine as second song in first set jams! Clear the band came out ready to play. Bobby hits us with LLR right afterwards – Jerry does some volume swells which are cool but otherwise the song is what it is (this particular version is not without its charms, but its still LLR) – I wonder if Bobby thought it was cool to play a song titled looks like rain after a song called here comes sunshine? (Is bobby obsessed with writing about the weather? – see weather report suite, lazy lightning, etc)…

Second set: killer!! the playin’ sandwich is legendary, totally steal your face worthy in my opinion… the stuff in second set that is not playin sandwich is all top shelf, everything well-played… bobby to self: “oh yeah, this is totally the right time for el paso”…

Lerry: Loved the first set.  Here comes sunshine was excellent second. Great vibe throughout.  Brown Eyed Woman (or should I say Brown Eyed Women?) was great. Didn’t appreciate the Race is On.

Second set was classic.  Great setlist. I think the flow from Row Jimmy to Jack Straw to Ramble on Rose to the massive Playin’ sandwich is EXCELLENT.  Top shelf for sure. Playin’ was great. The transition to UJB was really well done.  Nothing too spacey, but the band really seems locked into each other.  My only two (minor) complaints were a very hesitant and sloppy section in the second half of UJB as well as a big flub by Bill and Jerry when going Back into the Playin’ chorus. (That stuff bothers me.)  Really great stuff though. I like Morning Dew in the middle of the sandwich. In fact, it really is a Morning Dew sandwich as you never refer to a sandwich by the bread and toppings (which is essentially what Playin and UJB are) but that’s OK.  (You order a roast beef sandwich, not a whole wheat bread sandwich.) Stella Blue sounds great here.  Possibly one of my favorite versions (although I have a harder time differentiating this one as it does not vary too much.)  El Paso is a little weird in the second set, but I guess it works. Jerry is a monster.

Ed’s favorite internet quote about the show:
“The fluidity of how the band makes its decision to head toward Uncle John’s Band approaches the miraculous” from: http://www.deadlistening.com/2008/12/1973-november-17-pauley-pavilion.html#ixzz2l1udAh6H

Lerry’s favorite quote from Archive:
“This is the Grateful Dead in full Calliope regalia: Bristling, bubbling, blasting like the blow hole in Punta Bonda. Electric Dixieland. Lord love a duck! Disneyland in your mind.”

Rating: Major controversy. Does the show deserve the much-coveted steal your face award? The Botch kills it for Lerry. Ed is not so sure.

Next show: 11/20/73 Grateful Dead

Previous show: 11/14/73 Grateful Dead

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