Ed & Lerry’s Grateful Dead Tour Journal: 11/20/73

November 20, 1973
Venue:Denver Coliseum
Show Details

Lerry: I like the first set. Don’t love it.  Ramble on Rose is a nice opener.  Brown Eyed Woman is funky and has a great groove. The main reason I dislike Beat it on Down is because in the intro, they almost always sounds like a shitty garage band, typically because of Phil. Perhaps it is a small pet peeve (I’m being refined again), but they sound so sloppy and they should not. It is just 8 notes in a row. The same note. Just play the fucking note 8 times in a row Phil.  To Lay me Down was nice minus some Donna flatness. God damn Race is On.  I do really like the faster, funky version of They Love Each other.

The second set is all about the Truckin’ > OO > Mind Left Body > Stella Blue jam. (No need to discuss anything else, really.)  This is great stuff.  Super top shelf. Like, a really high shelf that one needs a ladder to reach.  The band is so nimble and locked in. I love it.  And, I love that they get SO out there on MLB jam, and then bring it back down to earth with Stella Blue. In fact, this MIGHT be my favorite individual piece on the tour thus far.

Ed: Totally agree with everything said above. I’ll throw this out there about the first set, because I was not entirely impressed as well: it might be The Context. Contextually speaking, If a person went to a show in ‘92 and the band pulled out this exact first set, that person’s head would explode and they would forever say that ‘92 was the best year for the dead, and that show was the best show that ever happened. But in the context of winter 73, it’s just another first set.  Standing on it’s own, perhaps this actually is a great first set, but compared to it’s siblings, it wasn’t that impressive.

Second set = totally top shelf. In addition to what’s said above, the surprise Dire Wolf was a tasty move as well. And the stella blue’s on this tour are really knocking me out.

Lerry’s favorite quote:
“The dualism of mind/body is old as the dirt we walk on, but none the less needs to be discussed at some point again. Thoughts: where would you think if you had to think about something inside your body? Are you sure it is your body to begin with really what if Jerry’s body were the only body we had?? then what? why would that even matter but it does and does not in the duality of thought/body effects.”

Ed’s favorite quote (impossible to beat the one above, it’s so good, I love how mad he gets at himself when he says “why would that even matter but it does”, but anyway, thought this was interesting):
as reported on http://deadessays.blogspot.com/2011/02/dick-latvala.html, bottom of the page, dick’s thoughts on 11-20-73:
“11/20/73: Excellent show. Best 2nd set yet.”
What does Dick mean by “yet”, though?

Next show: 11/21/73 Grateful Dead

Previous show: 11/17/73 Grateful Dead

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