Ed & Lerry’s Grateful Dead Tour Journal: 11/21/73

November 21, 1973
Venue:Denver Coliseum
Show Details


Ed: Rightly or wrongly, I am one of those people who always, always roots for the underdog. It may not be rational, fun to be around, or even fun for myself, but I can’t control it. If there’s an underdog, I’m rooting for it. And I couldn’t help but notice yesterday when I saw Dick’s comments on 11-20, that right underneath was a comment from Dick about this show:
“11/21/73: The night before was ten times better.”

Then I did a stupid thing and searched the web for comments on this show and saw these:
– “Almost as good as 11.17.73. -Perrinswolf (05/02/2007)” (from http://www.setlists.net/?show_id=0894)
– “There are some tuning problems, and some missed notes, that kind of sound like the band is having a somewhat off night.” – Capt Cook (From https://archive.org/details/gd73-11-21.sbd.barrick.192.sbeok.shnf)
– “Subject: A bit disappointed …. I have to say that, while the show is solid, I don’t think it’s quite all it’s cracked up to be… Taken as a whole, including the strong first set, I guess I’d call it above average, but not outstanding….” -Hitmeister (Also from https://archive.org/details/gd73-11-21.sbd.barrick.192.sbeok.shnf)

So with that in mind, I am in incapable of being objective about this show. And I have to say, I loved it. I know somewhere in the back of the objective part of my brain is acknowledgement that it doesn’t quite stack up to it’s winter 73 sibilngs, but, whatever, it’s all about the fucking Context, and I mean that HCS in the first set was freaking awesome, half-step was killer, with a transition into playin’, for chrissakes, which then morphs into (to use proper sandwich terminology) the wharf rat triple decker sandwich with el paso cheese on playin bread (with the last piece of playin’ bread having a seriously awesome bizzaro freak out jam), followed by a Truckin-> jam? Come on. So in the end I have to agree with this man: “…one of the most incredible sets of music played by the greatest band on the planet known as Earth. Caution: the jam that begins in Playin’ and ends in Morning Dew (what…48 minutes later?) melts faces. 
-Grateful Dawg (06/28/2011)”

Amen, Grateful Dawg, amen…

Ed’s Favorite Quote: “…the planet known as Earth…”

Random other note: some controversy online about the proper placement of weather report suite in the setlist, some say it actually closes first set despite it’s frequent attribution to middle of second set, other’s disagree

Lerry: To your point about “context is everything”, this AM, I had the perfect match of snow, coffee, not being too tired and an amazing setlist with an opening number (Me + Uncle) referencing “South Coloraduh”.  Quite possibly my favorite setlist thus far.  There were no full on Bobby duds (I don’t care about One More) and I think the whole thing flowed really, really nicely.

Set 1: Setlist progressed quite nicely. Lots of short songs, as was the norm, but different enough from the night before. Dire Wolf was a treat. I’m not a huge fan of Bobby’s weather-related numbers, but I can get through them.

Set 2: First of all, are you fucking kidding me?  This sandwich (or whatever it is here) is nuts. I actually like that they drifted away from the Playin’ > UJB > SOME_OTHER_SONG > UJB > Playin’ combo that they have been doing thus far on the tour.  Mississippi into Playin’ was awesome.  Great transition.  Then the transition to El Paso was great. Way more fluid than normal.  (It was actually part of the jam… normally, it seems that everybody just sort of lets notes ring out and then Bobby starts it up and then the rest of the crew join in.)  Then, we got a taste of Dark Star (sort of) nicely into Wharf Rat, which is INTENSE.  I love the far out stuff during the 3rd act of Playin’.  So great.  Just low-key weirdness.  I have to say, this MIGHT just be my favorite show of the tour thus far.  I’d probably have to compare it to 11-10 to really tell, but I loved this shit man…

Lerry’s favorite quotes:
1) “I saw that this will be the next Road Trips to be released, and it’s truly unfortunate that greedy people have found a way to monetize what should be free forever.”
2) “I’m here to share my thoughts on how you can get both shows (11/20 – 11/21) onto five 80 minute compact discs.”
3) “Ignore the previous night.”

Rating: Ed is incapable of being objective, and totally trusts Lerry to come up an accurate rating.  Lerry would give it a stealie.  For real.

Next show: 11/23/73 Grateful Dead

Previous show: 11/20/73 Grateful Dead

(the deal)


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