Ed & Lerry’s Grateful Dead Tour Journal: 11/25/73

November 25, 1973
Venue:Feyline Field
Show Details

Ed: Show is average for this tour (not bad, but not great either, just kind of “meh” for 73). Some comments:

  • the opening to this beat it down the line is truly disastrous – Lerry’s head will pop off
  • a self-contained Playin’ ends the first set, which is interesting for this tour — no sandwich, just baguette, kind of refreshing — actually my favorite part of the show
  • I know this is blasphemy, but as I’ve said before – I’m not a huge Eyes fan. That said, this version is pretty good, I like how they’ve been throwing in the ‘Milkin’ the Turkey’ lick from Blues for Allah in recent Eyes jams
  • I’m still not a fan of weather report suite (which anchors the second set, so, you know…)
  • Interesting a capella We Bid You Goodnight – I don’t think we’ve heard that on this tour yet? Maybe I missed it if we did… I just checked – it was actually last encore on 11-11, but honestly once I hear Johnny B Goode in an encore (which preceded it on that night) I stop listening

Favorite quote:
“73, Please transport me back to this year. If there is a god, he hung out with the Dead this year. There simply was nothing going on better in the world this year. 
This is a great sounding Miller Miracle redo of a great night for the dead.”

Lerry: I don’t have a ton to say about this show, primarily due to the setlist. The first set starts out sloooooow. The band sounds really sloppy for the first 3 songs, sort of sloppy during the next 4. From China Cat to Playin, they sound pretty good. The second set is tough for me, as I am really not a huge fan of the featured jammy numbers (Eyes and Weather Report).  The band seems like they are on autopilot here.

Favorite quote:
“What’s with the filler? Where’s it from and what the HELL is it doing in the middle of this spectacular show? Anyway, yes this performance does step up to join some of the finest from this incredible year. Sound quality is near perfect across the board. Don’t let the tack-sharp China Cat intro poke you in the skull. If this isn’t the tightest Eyes ever I don’t know what is. Wait, actually maybe it was Louisville ’74…no no..I mean 11-11-73 ….wait no… Seattle ’74! No No…THIS ONE! Let me put it this way: you’d have to be a real knucklehead to not get this.
Get it?”

Next show: 11/30/73 Grateful Dead

Previous show: 11/23/73 Grateful Dead

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