Ed & Lerry’s Grateful Dead Tour Journal: 12/10/73

December 10, 1973
Venue:Charlotte Coliseum
Show Details

Lerry: Man this tour was so good. This was another REALLY FUCKING GREAT show!  I would not give it a stealie, simply due to the lack of a second set big jam, but the band really sounds great. WARNING! The Download Series is missing a few songs due to greedy people.  (Odd since it is a download-only thing.)  There are no versions on Archive (again due to greedy people).

Set 1: Great set. Not many Betty skippers.  The stand-alone Playin’ was AWESOME.  Total high energy.  Garcia is totally shredding.  Officially Playin’ ends set 1, even though it is only track 6 on the official (greedy) release.  Oddly, I think the first set is better than the second.  (This MAY be my favorite set 1 of the tour, but it is not totally fair due to some songs being cut.)

Set 2:   Interesting second set.  It does not really have a single super stand out jam piece. I guess Eyes is, but it never goes that deep.  I have always loved Peggy-O.  I don’t know why. Just a nice melody I guess.  This was the first time they ever played it. It is a little faster and has a much different vibe than the standard ballad vibe that we are used to. I’ve actually never heard it sound like this before so it is cool to hear the earliest version.  With that being said, the playing here is very sloppy (particularly on the Phil side of things (did he even rehearse it?) but even a refined gentleman like me can appreciate the fact that they introduced a new song in the middle of the tour.  (Honestly, they probably should have rehearsed it in-between tours and not had Phil try to figure out what was going on, but that’s OK.)  Row Jimmy sounds pretty standard for this run.. nice, actually, but I have a hard time really telling them apart…  I feel like this song has been played every night, which has been a bit of a let down in my opinion. (It is not that great of a song. Play Mississippi every night if you have to promote Wake of the Flood for god’s sake!!)  I liked the Eyes jam and Brokedown Palace sounded great. Weird (but cool) to hear China -> Rider towards the end of the second set.

Favorite quote:
“music is great but the notes must have been written by someone from Chicago, Indiana or from Philadelphia, New Jersey”

Ed: Agree with Lerry. Very solid show but not quite stealie-worthy. I feel like we went up to the mountaintop with the 12-2, 12-6, and 12-8 shows, up to the highest heights of dead-dom, and now the band is leading us back down the other side. We’re still way up in the altitude, but slowly descending.

First set is tight, Playin was the highlight for me, and the second set was somewhat of a disappointment because of the lack of a big jam. I’m surprised this was officially released – why choose this one over 12-6 or 12-8? Maybe precisely because it’s a little more accessible and not so crazy. But in my opinion not as strong as surrounding shows on the tour that are unreleased. Also – really, why not release the whole show? Perhaps I’m becoming a “Dave-hater”

Regarding Peggy-O – I think I saw in the comments for another show that they practiced it during a soundcheck, and Jerry says at some point, “No Keith that’s a C right there” – can’t remember where I saw that though

Favorite quote about this show (because nothing like this actually occurred during the show):
The Casey Jones > Jam > One More Saturday Night suite is amazing. It spans about 45 minutes of pure gooey madness. There is a tiger jam right before OMSN and you can hear a Spanish tease about 12 minutes after the last note played of Jones. I thought the meltdown would lead into “Dark Star,” but they decided to go into “One More Saturday Night” instead. An interesting choice on a late ’73 journey through the ages.” (From https://archive.org/details/gd73-12-10pt.sbd.elliot.11800.sbeok.shnf)

Next show: 12/12/73 Grateful Dead

Previous show: 12/8/73 Grateful Dead

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