Ed & Lerry’s Grateful Dead Tour Journal: 2/23/74

February 23, 1974
Venue: Winterland
Show Details

Ed: Bill Graham’s intro: a “social engagement”? Hmmmmmmmmm.

Lerry: Bobby was getting laid.

Ed: Totally. It’s why he went right into a Bobby rocker.

Lerry: Cheesy bastard.

Ed: I just checked the “Tape Timings” section of Deadbase X (the section with every word the band ever uttered onstage) to see if they could explain Graham’s intro. But they don’t even have 2/23/74 in there – maybe tapes weren’t circulating back then (another illustration of the miracle of the archive.org age, depending on your outlook). Someone needs to send Deadbase an update. But I can tell you this based on “Tape Timings”: Graham’s intro tomorrow (2/24/74) is going to be really deep, man (and Bobby’s going to use his usual “everybody hang loose” at end of Set 1, and that BIODTL will start with 5 beats – so amazing that someone counted the intro beats, thank you Deadbase, gone but never forgotten)

Some combined notes on the rest of the show:

  • I love a 74 Deal
  • Here Comes Sunshine = dope (unfortunately, last version until the 90’s)
  • Please note that Donna is back
  • Deadbase “Tape Timings” really missed some life-altering stage bantering after Sugaree
  • I’m really looking forward to the time that they stop playing weather report suite every other night
  • Although Jerry is smoking on the Let it Grow jam section
  • The Other One is fucking raaaaaaaaaaaad
  • Controversy on Eyes: Lerry thinks Eyes is a little bit of a buzzkill. He thinks the performance is good but after getting so deep into the Other One, the vibe is just too different for him. Ed respectfully disagrees, thinks it face-meltingly awesome, and that Lerry needs to work on accepting transitions.
  • The He’s Gone -> Truckin’ -> Other One -> Eyes almost earned this show the coveted Ed & Lerry Stealie, but not quite.

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(the deal)